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“Joseph Tucker Burton-Alexander was one of those dilettante British sportsmen whose wealth exceeded his abilities. The money came from the family’s Pavenham Manors which he mortgaged in order to fund his passions for trains, automobiles and powerboats. As a racing driver, L’Auto in 1905 – ahead of the Gordon Bennett race, in which he DNF’ed – noted that he was talented but reckless” – says a summary about him, which also includes some readers’ letters from him regarding the Tour de France bicycle race.

He was born in Braemar in Scotland on July 17th 1879 and attended Edinburgh Academy: in 1898 he enrolled at Cambridge University. He was a powerboat, bicycle, railway and automobile enthusiast.

In 1905 he raced a Mercedes at the Gordon-Bennett Cup, but he was also seen at the wheel of a Gobron-Brillie.




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