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Walter Thomas Clifford Earp was born in 1879 in Lambeth, Surrey, England. His father was a sculptor. In the early 1900s he worked for Napier and became a protege of S.F. Edge. He participated in the 1904 Gordon Bennett Cup eliminating trial with his brother, but they crashed. At the 1905 Cup he finished 8th place. In July 1905 Earp, on a 90-horsepower Napier, completed the flying-start kilometre in 23 seconds at the inaugural Brighton Speed Trials. On 27 January 1906 he broke the world record for 100 miles’ distance in a race for the Minneapolis Automobile Club trophy at Ormond-Daytona Beach, Florida on a 90 hp Napier in a time of 1 hour, 15 minutes and 40.4 seconds, with riding-mechanic H. H. Baker. In 1907 he drove his 60 hp Thames car at Brooklands to four new world records. His last race was in 1909 with an Iris car. He died in 1921.

Source: wikipedia

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