Arthur Duray

Arthur Duray was born on February 20, 1882 in New York to Belgian parents. He began his racing career in 1902 with Gobron Brillie. He set the World Land Speed record on three separate occasions, between July 1903 and March 1904.

His first victory came in 1906, when he won the Circuit des Ardennes on a Lorraine-Dietrich. His next highlight was a second place at the 1914 Indianapolis 500 in a Peugeot.

He was also an early aviator – he had the third Belgian Pilot’s Licence.

After World War I he resumed his racing activities, now as a French citizen. His touring car years with Excelsior and Aries were unsuccessful. His last race was the 1934 24-Hour LeMans.

Arthur Duray died on 11 February, 1954.

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