Fernand Charron

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Source: BNF/Gallica

Fernand Charron was born on May 30th 1866, in Angers, France. He became a known cyclist with Clement-built machines. Over a period of eight years he achieved not less than 116 first places, and he also became a son-inlaw of Adolphe Clement.

His first automobile race was the 1897 „La Turbie” run between Marseilles and Nice on a Panhard. Right after the start, he somersaulted the car but luckily had no injuries. This entry did not prevent him from participating in 18 different bigger and countless smaller races until 1903. He won the inaugural Gordon Bennett race in 1900. Together with fellow racing drivers Girardot and Voigt, he founded C.G,V. in 1901, which was soon known for their big touring cars and their powerful racing cars. He drove only a few racers with C.G.V. In 1906, he left the company and joined his father-in-law driving for Clement Bayar. Later he founded the firm “Alda” and drove these cars in some races, including LeMans in the 1920s. He died on 13th August 1928 in Maison Lafitte.

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