Fernand Gabriel

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Fernand Gabriel was born in Paris on 30 April 30, 1878. He commenced his racing career in 1899 at the Tour de France Automobile on a Decauville, where he won the Voiturette category. Unfortunately he had to give up both the Paris-Bordeaux and Paris-Berlin races the same year where he drove a Mors. His finest hour came with the last of the great city to city races – the 1903 Paris – Madrid run. He was the fastest by far. After numerous deadly accidents, the race was stopped in Bordeaux, and he was declared the winner. He then switched to De Dietrich and later he raced various vehicles from other brands. During his last active years he took part in the 24-hour race in Le Mans driving an Aries. He retired from racing in 1928. He died on September 9, 1943 in Garenne-Colombes in an air raid on the Renault factory.

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