Henri Rougier

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Henri Louis Marie Rougier was born in Marseille on October 28th, 1876. As a young man he raced bicycles and then turned to automobiles. He became a dealer of Turcat-Méry cars, which were built in his native town, and raced them and Lorraine-Dietrich cars in several events during the 1902-1908 period. His best results were third places in the 1904 Gordon Bennett Cup and in the 1906 Circuit des Ardennes, where he also set the fastest lap.

He became interested in aviation in 1908 and bought a Voisin. He made his first flights during the spring of 1909. He was very active at meetings during 1909 and early 1910.

He returned to auto racing. His biggest claim to fame as auto racer is winning the first-ever Monte Carlo Rally in 1911 in a Turcat-Méry, but he continued to race cars until 1923. His last races were the 1923 French and Italian Grands Prix, where he raced Gabriel Voisin’s streamlined cars. After WW1 he briefly built a small number of Rougier cars, based on improved Turcat-Méry chassis.
He continued as a car dealer through the 1930s. After retiring he lived in La Valette-du-Var near Toulon, still active in the food business. He died from heart failure in Marseille in July 1956.


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