Henry Fournier

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Henri Fournier was born in Le Mans on April 14, 1871. In the 1890s he made a name for himself as a cyclist. In 1892 he set a world speed record with 39.2 km/h. In 1900, he was seen for the first time with a motorized vehicle, a De Dion tricycle at the Paris-Toulouse-Paris race. By 1901 he was a works driver at Mors, and he won the Paris-Bordeaux and Paris-Berlin races in 1901. In 1902 he set a world speed record on a 60 hp Mors. However he was unable to score any other victories. He became a dealer of Hotchkiss and Itala cars, and he used those for racing. Also he was sometimes seen on a Clement. He died in Paris on December 18, 1919.

According to Charles Jarrott: “At his best Fournier was a great driver, but whether from over-eagerness, or an inclination to drive on his reputation, he never, after Paris-Berlin, made any show. Picked to represent France in the Gordon-Bennett race of 1902, he broke down on the first day, his troubles beginning the run of bad luck which resulted in the cup being lost to England. Inclined to be excitable and over-eager, he was nevertheless bold and daring, and I have no doubt that in the year 1901 he was rightly looked upon as being the best of the French drivers”.

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