Leonce Girardot

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Source: BNF/Gallica

Leonce Girardot was born in Paris on April 30, 1868.

Just like Charron, he was a cyclist at first. His first automobile race was the 1897 Paris Dieppe race on a Panhard. In 1901 he won the Gordon Bennett race. He was the only one of the three participants who completed the whole duration of the race from start to finish. His other results earned him the nickname “the eternal second” as he finished in second place six times out of seven races!

In 1902 together with Charron and Voigt he set up C.G.V. Girardot’s racing career ended after a serious accident in 1905. After leaving C.G.V. a year later, he became the local distributor for Knight Mercedes. In 1907 he founded the G.E.M. (Société Générale d’automobiles Électro-Mécaniques), which existed for just two years.
Leonce Girardot died in France on September 7th, 1922.

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