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Lucien Hautvast was born in Merkelbeek, Belgium on 8 December, 1865. He became a succesful bicycle racer in his native country in the early 1890s. This led him to the opening of a cycle and tire shop in Brussels. Soon it became an official supplier of the Belgian army which has just created its first cycling battalions.

Around 1896 he left the bicycle business and focused its attention on tires. That is how he got acquainted with the new horseless carriages. Naturally he decided to race these strange machines to learn more about those. First he raced tricycles, then proper 4-wheeled cars. “Our man has quickly been taken into consideration in this world. When he was not at the wheel of his de Dion-Bouton, he officiated at the timing tables of the Automobile Club of Belgium. But it is in racing that he is the one everyone respects and everyone admires. De Dion, Vivinus, Pipe, Clément-Bayard, Springuel, Sava … for a dozen years (1899-1912) he rubbed shoulders with the greatest, winning first place in his category three times.

He died in December, 1923.

More information:

  • Claude Yenves: Lucien Hautvast : sportsman, gentleman-driver et tutoyeur de légendes. Weyrich Edition, 2005. ISBN: 978-2-930347-64-6
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