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Lieutenant-Commander Montague Grahame-White (1877-1961)  was a brother of Claude Grahame-White, the famous aviator, but he himself was also acclaimed as an adventurous racing driver in the pioneering days of motor cars.

After witnessing the historic motor show at Tunbridge Wells in 1895, Grahame-White’s imagination was fired with the new mode of transport, and after an apprenticeship with the Daimler Company at Coventry, he joined those pioneers Charles Rush and Percival Perry in their motor business and became a salesman, making the acquaintance at the same time of Charles Jarrott and S. F. Edge.

During the Edwardian era (1902-1910), Montague channelled his energies into becoming a successful car, yacht and aeroplane broker. As well as members of the British aristocracy, his clients were to include an array of Indian rulers after he successfully arranged for and launched the first three cars in India upon a commission from the Maharaja of Cooch Behar.

In later years Commander GrahameWhite concentrated more strongly on yachting and fast motor boats.

In 1935 he published his autobiography, At The Wheel Ashore and Afloat.


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