Pierre De Crawhez, Baron

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Gordon Bennett Rennen Taunus 1904

Baron Pierre de Crawhez (1875-1925) was an important Belgian motoring pioneer and winner of the first real Belgian car race in 1898, Brussels-Château d’Ardennes-Spa, on a Panhard & Levassor called ‘Dévastation’. He was also the president of the sports committee of the Automobile Club de Belgique and he is credited to be the first person to come up with the idea of closed circuit being used for racing. He chose the Belgian Ardennes, because of its challenging hills, beautiful landscapes, straight roads through forests and low population. From its inception in 1902 the Circuit de Ardennes was an instant hit. The last race was held there in 1907.

Beginning from 1902 Baron De Crawhez raced Mercedes. His last race was in 1907.

He also made regularly tours in the deserts of Algeria.


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