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Born Selwyn Francis Edge, but known as S.F. Edge to all of his contemporaries, he was involved with the nascent British motor industry during its formative years.

He was born on March 29, 1868, in Concord, New South Wales, Australia and arrived in London as a small child. He started out as a cyclist in England. Through Fernand Charron, who was also a racing cyclist at the time, he learned to drive and a short time later bought a De Dion Bouton Tricycle. In the years that followed, he raced De Dion tricycles and later Napier cars. His greatest success was winning the Gordon Bennett race in 1902. While it must be noted that he was the only driver to finish that race, therefore some may say he won by default, the fact that he did manage to finish when all others failed is an achievement in itself. After the Gordon Bennett race in 1903, he mainly drove seeking long-distance records, from 1907 mainly at Brooklands, Surrey.

Edge’s biggest forte was promotion and trading. As early as 1899 he was the distributor of De Dion vehicles in England, but he also catered for other French makes. Later he was heavily involved with Napier.

In 1923 he became director of AC, taking over the company completely in 1927. The bankruptcy of AC in 1929 was a heavy blow for him. He withdrew completely from the automobile business. He died on February 12, 1940 in Eastbourne England.

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