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The firm was founded by Albert Snoeck in 1859 in the Belgian city of Ensival as a manufacturer of textile machinery. The firm took an early interest in the motorcar. After some unsuccesful attempts, the company bought the patents for Belgium from Léon lefebvre of his Bolide cars that were made in paris. The Ensival-built Bolides, like their Parisian sisters, had 15 hp two-cylinder horizontal engines and 30hp four-cylinder engines.

Camille Jenatzy and Pierre de Caters each bought a 30hp racing Snoeck-Bolide in Ensival. Jenatzy competed on 10 February, 1900 at the Diegem races, where he rached 94kph over a kilometre, thus breaking the world record for the flying kilometre for petrol-driven cars. On 14 June he took part part in the first Gordon Bennett race but did not finish.

Snoeck stopped producing cars in around 1905, but was active in its main business until the 1970s.


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